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AgriBest Technologies presents the Doctor Terra System.

¿What is Doctor Terra?

It is a system developed through more than 10 years of research with the objective of maximizing the profitability of the producer, it is based on a detailed analysis of the physical, chemical and biological conditions of each soil sample, in order to make recommendations that will allow the recovery of its balance and health.

With this solution it will be possible to generate a tailor-made suit for each production unit, making an agronomic improvement through a process of bio-restoration of soil health, thus protecting your main asset.

The soil is vital in the supply of nutrients and their absorption capacity, so you win and the planet wins.

Soil health, Health of humanity

Benefits of implementing the Doctor Terra system starter kit

Bio soil remediation is attacking the cause not the symptom.

More than 10 years of arduous research to be able to offer Mexican agriculture an AgroBiotechnological alternatives that allows us to do more with less.


    • Increases soil microbiota.
    • Increases the percentage of organic matter.
    • Protects crops in stress situations.
    • Improves soil porosity.
    • Intensifies nutrient absorption.
    • Restores soil texture and structure.
    • Contributes to counteract adverse changes in the plant.
    • Prevents the presence of diseases.
    • Improves crop quality.
    • Improves the efficiency of agricultural bioinputs.
    • Gradually reduces the damage caused by the use of chemical products.

¿How can you get your diagnosis?

Our system is based on three steps that will help you to make your crops more profitable

Soil analysis and data upload

You must have soil fertility and microbiological analyses, whose data must be uploaded to the Doctor Terra System platform and calculator, which initiates the diagnostic process. If you do not have your analysis, we can help you obtain them at a preferential cost thanks to the agreements we have established with specialized laboratories.

IT Application

Once the information is available, our technical specialists and engineers are in charge of interpreting the analyses.

It has 5 key parameters: Bank of micro-organisms, Soil fertility, Microbio-logical threats, Physical properties, Soil organic carbon.

Diagnosis and rating

In this step we give you a personalized report of the current state of the soil, with the results and interpretation we also give you the recommendations as a suit tailored to your needs. It is a short and medium term solution to increase the productivity and profitability of your crops.

Application of specific BioTech solutions

Once the producer accepts to apply the proposed solution, we provide technical support for the proper application of the solution, with the objective of generating the impact and benefits for the correct development of the crop and the gradual recovery of the balance of soil health.

Benefits of having a diagnosis and solution

We provide a solution according to your needs

Your diagnostic report is practical and easy to interpret.

You will be provided with timely follow-up and technical advice.

You have the information that gives you the power to make the right decisions to increase the profitability of your crops.

You will be part of regenerative agriculture to fulfill a better future.

¿How does the Doctor Terra System work?

¿How can we improve soil productivity?

Through the application of the System, the natural balance of the agro-ecosystem is being reactivated by returning the components that the soil requires to keep it fertile, healthy, sustainable and highly profitable for the activities intrinsic to agriculture.

The System’s probiotics mitigate greenhouse gases because as they multiply they increase their biomass and stimulate higher rates of crop development through photosynthesis, thus sequestering a greater amount of carbon dioxide. Probiotics fix nitrogen from the air and are the solution to fertilize the rhizosphere at a lower cost than chemical fertilizers.

Prebiotics increase organic matter content by adding humus sources, serve as food for probiotics and counteract stress caused by biotic and abiotic factors, activate plant defenses and as a result increase yields.

¿What is included in the starter kit to bioremediate your soil?

In this step we provide you with a customized report of the current soil condition, results, interpretation and recommendations tailored to your needs.

We have an initial portfolio integrated to your solution that includes the basic probiotics and prebiotics to start increasing the productivity and profitability of your crops.

Microbiological fungicide fortified as a biostimulant, soil application.

Biological inoculant, nitrogen fixing biofertilizer and plant stimulant. Soil and seedling treatment.

Organic soil improver, anti-stress and plant invigorating. Soil application.

For more specific needs we have a second stage.

Based on the Doctor Terra System Scan and prioritizing the areas of opportunity detected in the soil, we recommend a tailor-made system that will reactivate the health and productivity of your soil based on biotechnology.

Organic Biofungicide and Resistance Inducer

Microbiological fungicide fortified as a biostimulant, soil application.

Bio-stimulant of natural origin

Microbial activity stimulation

Spore-based biostimulant in powdered form

Nitrogen Fixing and Phosphorus Solubilizer Biofertilizer

Results of the Doctor Terra System

Here we show you the results of the re-generative power of the Doctor Terra System in agricultural soils damaged by the intensive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Celery crop results in Guanajuato, Mexico

It is the only system existing as an integral solution with the highest benefit-cost ratio in the market.

¿Who are we?

Concerned about climate change worldwide, where the production and use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers causes damage to human health and pollutes ecosystems; aware that we had to do something different to mitigate these impacts, in 2013 we set to work in the research and development of organic solutions with which we could counteract the problems of the Mexican countryside and its effects on the environment, but at the same time help producers to increase crop yields in a sustainable way and thus have more profitable harvests.

With the knowledge generated through scientific research, hand in hand with nanotechnology and microbiology, we began to formulate organic products for the stimulation, nutrition and protection of crops, which today contribute to the promotion of sustainable agriculture.


Innovación I+D+i

Producción y desarrollo

Venta consultiva

Innovación I+D+i

Producción y desarrollo

Venta consultiva

We provide you with green biotechnology to promote successful and sustainable agriculture, and discover the complete system.



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